Loistefestari 29.–31.3.2019

Performance experience, new contacts and plenty of encouraging feedback from top theatre professionals – the Loistefestari festival to be held in March offers all this and more. The registration begins on February 11th and ends on February 28th 2019.

The Loistefestari festival will be held 29–31 March in Narrin näyttämö in Youth Activity Centre Happi and in Kling & Klang stage in Nordsjö lågstadieskolan as part of the national Nuori kulttuuri (“Young culture”) festival series. The most interesting performances will get a chance to represent the Helsinki region in the Nuori Kulttuuri TEATRIS event, which will be held in Jyväskylä 24–26 May.

The festival is open to all 10–25-year-old amateur performers living in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and all genres of theatre.

The event is organised by the Cultural Youth Work Unit of Helsinki Youth Services.


More info about rules (in Finnish)

For more information, please contact:

Ilona Anttila
040 194 4533

Laura Mboup
050 559 1758

  Jonna Pennanen
041 5121 779